Beer Review: “A Tout Le Monde” from Unibroue

It’s not everyday you walk through the Whole Foods beer aisle looking amongst their large selection of craft beer and see Vic Rattlehead staring at you. But that’s exactly what happened that day. I immediately yelled out in disbelief, I couldn’t believe I actually found a Megadeth beer in the Short Pump Whole Foods of all places. I nearly knocked a young mother over in my rapid jolt towards the “Mega-beer,” but hey if they don’t want mosh pits in their beer aisle then they shouldn’t carry Megadeth beer.

À Tout Le Monde Ale is a refreshing and artisanal Belgian style dry hopped saison brewed by Unibroue in Québec. The ale honors the mutual passions and friendship of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and Unibroue’s Brewmaster Jerry Vietz. The name À Tout Le Monde comes from the song of the same name off of Megadeth’s 1994 Youthanasia album. The chorus of À Tout Le Monde was one of the first heavy metal songs to feature a chorus sung entirely in french.

The saison clocks in at a mild 4.5% ABV and 22 IBUs, making it a clean, crisp and refreshing ale that in the morning won’t have you boarding the Train of Consequences. It features a slightly hazy yet rich golden body with a beautiful eggshell white head. The bright and fruity saison notes tingle the nose immediately with a bit of lingering Belgian malt.

Upon tasting, the rich foam excites the lips as the smooth and crisp saison glides along the palette. Bright hoppy notes accentuate the front of the palette while crisp carbonation swirls around the mouth making for a surprisingly carbonated mouthfeel. The ale finishes very smooth with bit of farmhouse-y tartness lingering behind. This bottle conditioned saison would make a great pairing with any light herb and citrus dish that would highlight the crisp fruitiness of the saision.

Overall it’s a very light and refreshing ale to kick back and relax with, while the shredding sounds of Mustaine’s flying V blast from your speakers.  

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