Mini Marshall Monday #6 – Grinder(Judas Priest cover)

Lefty Luke – Grinder(Judas Priest cover) – Mini Marshall Monday #6

Mini Marshall Monday is a weekly video series from Lefty Luke (iRon Lion Band, Synaptic Sap, ex-Morta and solo artist) with the emphasis on getting back to the basics of rock n roll. A guitar, a cable and an amp cranked up.

For episode six I’m going OG heavy with Judas Priest’s Grinder off the British Steel album. Hands down my favorite Priest song and no question one of the heaviest songs in their deep catalogue of bangers. You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise but know that if you’re feeling The Rage and are Living After Midnight, you won’t be Breaking the Law turning up the volume like Rapid Fire for this track by the Metal Gods. See what I did there? Hope you enjoy this cover! Let me know what songs you want to see covered next!

Watch the video on YouTube and be sure to like and subscribe and leave a comment of what song you’d like to hear covered next week on Mini Marshall Monday. Follow @TheLeftyLuke on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all things Lefty Luke!

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