Mini Marshall Monday #12 Realign (Godsmack cover)

Lefty Luke – Realign (Godsmack cover) – Mini Marshall Monday #12

Mini Marshall Monday is a weekly video series from Lefty Luke (iRon Lion Band, Synaptic Sap, ex-Morta and solo artist) with the emphasis on getting back to the basics of rock n roll. A guitar, a cable and an amp cranked up.

This week I’m paying tribute to a band whose (older) albums were a huge influence on me and my playing style. I’m also giving a shoutout to my Pittsburg Penguins who are going into the final games of the first round of the playoffs this week. Going into today the Pens are down 3-0 to the Islanders but we can still bring it back. A hard hitting song for a hard hitting sport, heavy riffs and hockey are a perfect match. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what songs you want to hear covered next and your predictions for the Stanley Cup playoffs!

Watch the video on YouTube and be sure to like, subscribe and leave a comment of what song you’d like to hear covered next week on Mini Marshall Monday. Follow @TheLeftyLuke on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all things Lefty Luke!

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